Interview with Emily Gould of VINCI Academy

VINCI Academy is located in Los Angeles, California, with its Leadership Team consisting of co-owners Matt Massman and Dr. Dan Yang along with this aritcle's interviewee -- Emily Gould, VINCI Academy's Director. VINCI is a blended learning daycare/pre-k of choice... Read more →

Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

0:10 - When do I introduce solid foods to my baby 0:53 - Indications that your baby is actually ready for solid foods 1:36 - What exactly do we start to introduce our babies with 2:48 - Once we move... Read more →

Interview with Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Home Daycare

This week, we interviewed Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Home Daycare in Kitchener, Ontario!We've been especially looking forward to posting this article since our recent posts have involved larger establishments in the child care industry, (i.e. agencies, schools etc.) We felt the... Read more →

Getting Your Bedroom Back - Moving Your Baby From Bassinet to Crib

0:50 - Why you want to move your baby into their own room 1:23 - When should move your baby from bassinet to crib 1:55 - We want to get our babies on some sort of schedule at night 2:29... Read more →

Interview with Lisa Magaro of Pinch Sitters

Pinch Sitters is a baby-sitting service based out of New York, owned by Lisa Magaro.In this article, we spoke with Lisa and asked her some questions about her business. We're very excited about this post since we felt that not... Read more →

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