Interview with Fabiola Santos-Gaerlan of Honeydew Drop Childcare Services

Honeydew Drop Childcare Services in Brooklyn, New York among other locations is directed by Fabiola Santos-Gaerlan. Honeydew Drop has been serving the Brooklyn community since 1999 by providing positive environments for children through child-centered curriculum. According to Fabiola, "We expose... Read more →

Going Back To Work After You've Had Your Child

0:39 - Don't feel bad for having to do this 1:26 - Sometimes you just have to go back to work 2:20 - Social anxiety or separation anxiety really just is nonexistent 3:03 - Working parents actually are less likely... Read more →

Moving Your Child From Crib to Toddler Bed

0:27 - When we would typically move a child from crib to toddler bed 1:11 - The imaginary boundaries of a toddler bed 1:38 - Never push moving from a kid to a toddler bed on your child 2:28 -... Read more →

Interview with Ramona Burggraff & Elizabeth Fuld of Wee Care Preschool

Wee Care Preschool is a unique private preschool serving families in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois. It's owned and directed by Ramona Burggraaff, with Elizabeth Fuld as its Client Relations Director (both pictured on the right,... Read more →

Potty Training

0:34 - Never try to potty train too early 1:09 - Start to make it fun 1:54 - Give them some incentive Download The PDF Transcript » Hi everyone. My name is Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays... Read more →

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