Why Music is so Beneficial to Our Children

0:14 - Music increase brain power and memory 0:40 - Help build their personality and self-confidence 1:09 - They learn that practice makes perfect 1:35 - Enjoying experience Download The PDF Transcript » Hi, folks. My name is Harper Jones... Read more →

Summer Activities for Children

0:28 - For younger children 1:13 - Nature activities 1:47 - Getting out 2:04 - Vegetable garden 2:50 - Have fun Download The PDF Transcript » Hi, my name is Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays with Harper.... Read more →

When And Why It's Beneficial For Children To Have Chores

0:29 - The idea of keeping a clean space 1:06 - The chore sheet 1:55 - Small rewards other then money 2:44 - As they get older Download The PDF Transcript » Hi, folks. My name is Harper Jones with... Read more →

Character Building and Self-Esteem Activities for Children

0:17 - Pay attention to the way we react 0:50 - Be a positive role models 1:25 - Favorite games for this purpose 2:39 - About Me collage Download The PDF Transcript » Hi folks, my name is Harper with... Read more →

Why Are Pets So Beneficial For Our Children?

0:15 - First round - Health issues 0:38 - Mental wellness and physical wellness 1:05 - A great audience for kids 1:33 - Nurturing and responsibilities of having a pet 1:59 - Having pets coming great in pairs Download The... Read more →

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