Pros and Cons of Co-sleeping

0:40 - Con: the safety of your child 1:30 - Con: the amount of sleep that you are actually going to get 2:01 - Con: for the benefit of our significant other 2:30 - Pro: it is a bonding experience... Read more →

Breast Feeding Your Baby

0:12 - Ward against certain illnesses 0:29 - breast milk contain less insulin 0:54 - The connection that mother and baby get while breastfeeding 1:20 - Get the help of a lactation consultant 1:58 - Find a quiet place to... Read more →

Getting Your Infant to Fall Asleep in Their Crib Instead of Your Arms

0:10 - Ways that we can make this easier 0:35 - Infants sleep best at a cooler temperature 0:54 - Make sure that you don't get into a bad routine 1:32 - White noise toys, which really help a baby... Read more →

Introducing and Preparing Your Dog For a New Baby

0:15 - Start as quickly as possible 0:57 - Let your dog associate different things with the baby 1:32 - Their schedule with you is going to completely change 2:11 - When the baby arrives at home 3:03 - If... Read more →

Welcoming a New Baby to Its Older Siblings

0:30 - Allow your child to ask questions 1:09 - Try to give the child a season that the baby is due in 1:35 - When it comes time to go into the hospital 2:08 - When we're bringing the... Read more →

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