Interview with Cristina Twigg of Easy Care Sitters

Easy Care Sitters in New York City is a babysitting agency owned and operated by Cristina Twigg. Cristina describes Easy Care Sitters  as an agency that takes the hassle out of finding childcare. With just an email, they’ll set you up... Read more →

Allowing Your Toddlers to Make Their Own Decisions

0:16 - It might seems funny, letting a 2-year old make decisions on their own 0:46 - One way we can do this, is with different activities that they do 1:03 - Another thing you can do is with their clothing 1:28 - Another... Read more →

Dealing with Emotions

0:11 - Why it’s a very personal subject to me 1:30 - How you can help yourselves avoid these types of situations 2:23 - Frustration - teach your children this method as well 2:55 - Sadness - work through it with talking Download The... Read more →

Interview with Sonila Preka of Rodi Daycare Center

Rodi Daycare Center in Bronx, New York is directed by Sonila Preka. Their daycare center runs by a theme-based curriculum that in Sonila's words; "implements academic growth and social emotional development, [Rodi Daycare] provides additional classes in Music and Zumba"... Read more →

Educational Toys

0:16 - The three types of educational toys 1:04 - Sensory toys 1:38 - Toys that facilitate physical activity 2:18 - The ability to create toys Download The PDF Transcript » Hi everybody. My name is Harper Jones with Bow... Read more →

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