Water Birth - From a Midwife's Point of View (An Interview with Kristen Downer CPM, LDM)

Water birth delivery method is clamoring up a notch in the birthing field and is getting quite popular especially for those who decide to give birth at home. So what is water birth? Luckily, I got the chance to have... Read more →

Interview with Jonathan Macy of The Daddy's Life

New month, new topic. Ladies and gentlemen, our spotlight for today's episode belongs to Jonathan Macy, creator and author of "The Daddy's Life" as well as founder of the “Miami Dads Group.” Jonathan started 'The Daddy's Life' because all the... Read more →

My daughter doesn't want to clean up anything - Do you have any tips for me?

01:45 - I'm hoping maybe you guys, the viewers, can help me out01:52 - My daughter doesn't want to clean up anything03:01 - We have tried all sorts of things with her03:18 - Let me know if you have any... Read more →

Interview with Jennifer L. Schindele of Gift of Sleep Consulting

To end the month of June with a bang, we are featuring Jennifer L. Schindele, B.Sc., CSSC, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach and Consultant of Gift of Sleep Consulting. Jennifer confided that she was once a sleep deprived new mother.... Read more →

What are the Different Summer Indoor Activities That You Can Do With Your Child

01:04 - Arts and crafts 01:49 - Any museums, whether they're art museums, children's museums, historical museums 03:22 - Your local YMCA is a great place to go to for summer activity Download The PDF Transcript » Hey everybody, Harper... Read more →

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