Interview with Jackie Young of SWIMBABES™

Since it's summer, let's talk about swimming! Today, we feature Jackie Young, founder and director of SWIMBABES™, Oregon's first swimming school, originators of Swim Survival Safety™ lessons for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and home of the world's youngest swimteam.The method of... Read more →

How To Let Your Toddler Deal With Anger

01:05 - Help them understand the emotion 01:47 - Let them get out the emotion and express it 02:20 - Talk about anger itself 02:36 - Explain the good things 03:34 - Let them understand the mean and the malicious... Read more →

Interview with Bryan Ferguson of 8BitDad

A beautiful Wednesday folks! Today, our spotlight belongs to Bryan Ferguson, co-founder of 8BitDad 8BitDad was founded back in 2010 by when Bryan and his friend Zach Rosenberg, both became parents for the first time. Bryan knew Zach way back... Read more →

Safety Measures In Using Social Media For Your Kids And Your Family

00:47 - There are certain things that you need to make sure you keep private 01:11 - Make sure your public profile does not provide any personal information 01:48 - Checking in is not necessarily the safest thing to do... Read more →

How To Prep Your Toddlers For Conversation

00:35 - Prepping them at home 00:57 - Eye contact 01:35 - Staring contest 02:11 - We greet them 02:20 - How to properly say hello with a good handshake 03:31 - The last thing is the conversation itself Download... Read more →

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