My daughter doesn't want to clean up anything - Do you have any tips for me?

01:45 - I'm hoping maybe you guys, the viewers, can help me out
01:52 - My daughter doesn't want to clean up anything
03:01 - We have tried all sorts of things with her
03:18 - Let me know if you have any tips for me
03:24 - I’d like to try out the tips you give me and let you know which ones work

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Hey everybody, Harper Jones with Bow Tiger, and this is my monthly "Ask Harper" segment. Now as always at the beginning, I kind of explain to you guys what the segment's about, and how you can participate. Each month I do an "Ask Harper" segment where I answer questions that you guys send in, questions, comments, questions for me, questions about your kids, what can we do about this, that, and whatever, and I try to just give you guys my advice.

Of course, I'm only an expert by personal research and also experience, which I have a lot of, having raised my daughter. I'm still in the process. I'm learning with all of you guys, so I'd love to hear comments back from you guys. And if you have any tips for the other readers… or excuse me, viewers of Bow Tiger that would be great as well. We can really make this a collaborative effort as parents, and get through the toddler years together, and just make it a learning experience. Of course, it's a learning experience for everybody.

But it also can be a teaching experience. You guys can use some of the knowledge that you've gained while raising your kids, and help out the rest of our little community as well. So, feel free to leave any comments that you choose, or questions.

Now, for today I'm actually switching it up a little bit. This is normally an "Ask Harper" segment. Well, instead of asking me, or me answering questions from different viewers, I wanted to switch it up, and I'm going ask you guys. I'm actually in a little bit of a pickle with my daughter. Now, I've gone over an entire segment on how you can teach your children to clean up, and my daughter seems to have just hit a wall. And I'm hoping maybe you guys, the viewers, can help me out and let me know if you have any ideas on what we can do.

She doesn't want to clean up anything. It's not really more of a direct "No" that she gives you when you ask her to clean up, she certainly doesn't do that. But she really works her way around it, like "Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to do that," and she kind of veers away as you're veering away doing something else. And all of a sudden you realize, okay, she never picked up the blocks. Now she's on to coloring with her crayons. And then from there she goes from coloring with her crayons to trying to build a tent, or playing with her teddy bears or the dollies, or whatever. But she doesn't clean up, and I have tried quite a few things.

I have tried the cleanup song which she used to love, well that doesn't actually faze her any more. I have told her I’ll reprimand for not cleaning, so she’s gotten time out for not cleaning. I’ve tried to assist her and help her, and make it look like it's fun. We kind of like talk, she's got one of those net baskets that hang in the corner of the rooms, so you toss the teddy bear, or something. It's kind of like a basketball game. Most of the time it just makes the whole process of cleaning up the teddy bears a lot longer, but it is still fine. We have tried all sorts of things with her, and she just doesn't want to clean up her toys anymore.

I'm not sure where this new found laziness has come from, but it's certainly being experienced right now in our household. So you guys, as my viewers, help me out. Let me know if you have any tips for me, anything that you can offer, I'd greatly appreciate and I will certainly try it out.

The other thing that I’d like to do is to try out the tips that you guys give me, and I'll let you know which ones work. I'll share back with you guys which ones worked so the rest of the audience can see what worked, and then maybe you guys can use that on your kids as well.

Anyways, so this is the "Ask Harper" segment. Next month we'll go directly back to answering questions from the viewers. And so, please submit anything -- you can submit it on Facebook, Twitter, any questions on Facebook, Twitter, social, media in general. Or also the Bow Tiger page, we do have an email at Bow Tiger, and you can do that as well.

Okay, so we'll see you guys next month. Have a great day, everybody.



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