Interview with Nadyne Siegel Brown of SwimKids of Georgia, Inc.

Today we are aiming our spotlight at Nadyne Siegel Brown, owner/operator and head swim instructor of SwimKids of Georgia, Inc. So how did Nadyne got into this line of work? She used to watch her 18 month old son with... Read more →

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking With Our Children

01:35 - Let them sort out their senses 02:00 - Start to help them understand where different places are in the world 02:35 - It helps children understand measurement and just basic elementary math 03:15 - It helps the mind... Read more →

Interview with Heidi M. Reiss of AquaBeba Swim

Today we are featuring Heidi M. Reiss, co-owner and Office Manager of AquaBeba Swim. Heidi spent most of her life not knowing how to swim. She was that phobic child that did not have the right instructor and method to... Read more →

Thanks For The Advice Alecia

01:18 - Maybe a reward system02:18 - Alecia's idea is not an extravagant reward system03:05 - She gets to pick an extra snack03:29 - Picking out dinner Download The PDF Transcript » Hey, everybody. Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you... Read more →

Interview with Jackie Young of SWIMBABES™

Since it's summer, let's talk about swimming! Today, we feature Jackie Young, founder and director of SWIMBABES™, Oregon's first swimming school, originators of Swim Survival Safety™ lessons for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and home of the world's youngest swimteam.The method of... Read more →

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