Why Music is so Beneficial to Our Children

0:14 - Music increase brain power and memory
0:40 - Help build their personality and self-confidence
1:09 - They learn that practice makes perfect
1:35 - Enjoying experience

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Hi, folks. My name is Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you are watching Saturdays with Harper. And today we're going to discuss why music is so beneficial to our children.

Of course, we all heard that music does increase brain power, and also increases memory which are two huge, huge factors when considering putting your child into music lessons or just keeping your child around music in general. At a very young age we can start connecting with our children through song. And at an age that they're ready for it, we can start teaching them about instruments, and even allowing them to play instruments.

This really will help build their personality and self- confidence. Now socially, music is absolutely excellent. When they get into school, they have the opportunity to join a chorus or join band. These are activities, safe activities for our children that allow them to continue to develop themselves while also socially creating a very excellent environment of friends, teachers, mentors, etc.

Now another big thing that we do discuss at almost every episode is just the discipline of different things. We discuss this with chores as well. The discipline of music is something that can be huge for our kids. They learn to practice. They learn that practice makes perfect. They learn that if they want to be better at something, they need to continue practicing on this element, this element of music.

Now I myself did piano lessons when I was younger, and I can remember it was an absolutely enjoying experience. I enjoyed every lesson that I had. I loved to be able to put on the performances and feel that sense of pride that I accomplished something. So this is another thing that we can give to our kids through music.

There's many aspects involved socially, regarding brain power, and different learning aspects of music. Regarding discipline, regarding the idea of creating themselves. Really being able to become creative beings so that they can develop the confidence later in life to do what they want to do. Also they can create their own music. It's not only following what is already put out there in music. They can start to develop songs, really, really use parts of their brain that in other aspects of learning they don't typically use. There's just so much in the music realm that we can offer to our children. And it really, really will be a benefit as they grow older.

Now if you're watching this video on Facebook or YouTube, I'd ask that you also try to check out our blog on Bow-Tiger.com, for more videos like this. Thanks, and have a great day.


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