Why Are Pets So Beneficial For Our Children?

0:15 - First round - Health issues
0:38 - Mental wellness and physical wellness
1:05 - A great audience for kids
1:33 - Nurturing and responsibilities of having a pet
1:59 - Having pets coming great in pairs

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Hi everyone, you're watching Saturdays with Harper and my name is Harper Jones from Bow-Tiger. And the topic for discussion today is why are pets so beneficial for our children.

So the first round of that topic that I like to talk about is health issues, there are a lot of health issues that pets can help with, the first one would be common allergies and asthma, it’s been shows that children who grow up with pets in their home are at less risk at developing allergies and asthma so I think that’s a great benefit for our kids.

Another reason would be mental wellness and also physical wellness, you are outside a lot of the time if you have an animal such as a dog, you’re walking the dog, you’re playing with the dog, that’s helping your psychical activity level. And it’s also been shown that playing with dogs can lower blood pressure. So there’s just a lot of benefits and there several more then what I’m discussing right now. Several health benefits that can really help our children out and all the while they’re having so much fun.

Another big thing is pets proved to be a great audience for kids that are trying to learn to read. Our elementary kids are learning to read in their earlier years of elementary school and one issues they may have is there isn’t always an audience available. It’s always easier to learn when you’re reading out loud to somebody, so if there isn’t a large family but you do have some pets available they can prove to be a great audience for your child while they’re trying to learn to read.

Another thing would be just the nurturing of a pet and the responsibilities of a pet. Children learn how to be very patient, very kind with their pets, they also learn the responsibility of having to make sure their pets have water, making sure that they feed them and walk them every day. This is teaching our kids at a young age the important of responsibility and how to manage their responsibilities as well. So this is a great benefit.

In my household we do have a lot of animals, you may only want one or maybe two. I do find that sometimes having pets coming great in pairs because then they have buddies themselves when maybe we’re not home or at work or at school, but having pets for your children can definitely be beneficial mentally, health wise, socially to create the social skills that are necessary for developing relationships and friends in the later years. So you guys, if you’re thinking about getting a pet for your home or if you’re considering adding another pet to your home, I would definitely support it here on Bow-Tiger.

Now, if you’re watching this blog or this video on youtube or facebook, please make sure to check out our blog on Bow-Tiger for additional videos like this. Thanks.


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