What are the Different Summer Indoor Activities That You Can Do With Your Child

01:04 - Arts and crafts
01:49 - Any museums, whether they're art museums, children's museums, historical museums
03:22 - Your local YMCA is a great place to go to for summer activity

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Hey everybody, Harper Jones here with Bow-Tiger, and you are watching Saturdays with Harper. And for those of you that don't know, I reside in the Southern United States in a city called Tampa, Florida. Woo-hoo. Okay, so it's like 200 degrees here right now. It's not really 200 degrees. It's like 91 as a high today, RealFeel like 108. It is extremely hot down here, and I love, you know, playing outside with my daughter.

I love getting outside, getting in pool, going to the beach. I love outdoor activities, really. I mean, I'm really into hiking, anything I can do outside. Kayaking, things like that, I love. But the problem is right now, as is around the United States and other parts of the country, it is so hot. And it's almost too hot, unless you do a full pool day or full beach day, to play outside. So I have had to come up with some different things that I can do with my daughter inside.

Now I know I've talked about arts and crafts for rainy days. These work for when it's super hot outside too. And crafts are great, but crafts, honestly, only last so long as well, especially over the summer time, when kids are out of school. Your toddler maybe doesn't have a preschool that she's going to at the time, unless they're in daycare. You have to find things to do with your child to keep them entertained, and also things that will sort of entertain you as well.

So what are some things? Where are some different outlets to go to for indoor activity fun over the summer? Now my first recommendation, of course we have a few great ones in Tampa, so they are very local to me. If you do live in a city or near a city, you will also have these available to you. Any museums, whether they're art museums, children's museums, historical museums. A lot of these museums, even if they're not typically catered to children, will cater more to children over the summer, because they know parents are going to be bringing them.

And there may be some field trips going on with summer camps, and this is a great place to spend, really, all day. A lot of these museums are full of visual things, like the art museums. They're full of interactive activities, the historical museums especially are typically full of a lot of interactive. You'll find interactive t art museums too though, and these are a nice, cool place to go spend your day. You can get some lunch. A lot of the times, these museums are focused somewhere around a, say, park.

So it's great to maybe go for a walk in the shaded trees around the park, go back into the museum, and just really enjoy your day. It's a learning experience for your children and for you. I can guarantee you, any museums that your city offers or town offers, it's something that you'll feel that you really left, gained some knowledge about some things, and your children will have been just involved in it all day. They'll be super sleepy by the end, so it's a great thing to think about.

Now the other thing, and this is whether you are in a city, or maybe you're not necessarily in the city, you're in the outskirts, a lot of these places, a lot of towns still have YMCAs. Your local YMCA is a great place to go to for summer activity, summer fun with your children. One, they normally have a pool. Two, they normally have different activities going on. I know in my city, we actually have a booklet that we can look up online, or you can also have it mailed to you, or pick one up at any of the local YMCAs, and this goes over all of the summer activities for all ages, and it goes from birth, from newborns up to 60, 70, and beyond really.

But there really is something available for everybody. A lot of the times these things are low cost. It's not going to cost you a lot. And you can involve your days with things inside instead of outside when it's just way too hot for you to bear the outdoors. And I don't blame you at all if you do. It's so super hot out there right now that trying to find indoor activities should be something we're all doing.

Now, if you guys have any suggestion on other things that you can do indoors, I do encourage you to comment back or email me at Bow-Tiger. Do any of those things, and you can kind of let me know some of your ideas so I can share this with the audience as well. I'm happy to namedrop if you'd like me to namedrop as well, just on any of the activities or ideas you guys have for the summer.

Of course, if you guys are watching this video on Facebook or YouTube, please be sure to also check out our videos on Bow-Tiger.com. And we'll see you next week. Thanks.


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    Mike Mireles

    Thanks for this “reminder” video. lol
    Houston’s HOT at the moment and little Maddox starts to get crazy here in the house. lol

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