Traveling With Your Toddler

0:27 - Ignore all the haters
0:48 - Travel around your schedule
1:17 - Use sippy cups and earplugs to reduce ears pressure
1:59 - Make sure that you come well prepared
2:15 - Most of all, keep your calm

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Hi, everyone. Harper Jones here with Bow-Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays with Harper. We're going to talk today about traveling with your toddler. I mean, on the airplane, going up in the sky, coming back down, all that fun stuff, and that sounds so exciting, doesn't it? No, not so much? Maybe we're a little apprehensive about it? Well, I want to give you guys some tips and tidbits on how to make this experience a little bit easier for both yourself and your toddler.

Now, the first thing that you want to do is just ignore all the haters. There are going to be a lot of people on that plane, and when you walk in with a toddler, they're going to roll their eyes, look the other way, because they are not excited to have you on the plane. But, you know what? It's okay. You can only expect so much from your toddler, and they can only expect so much from your toddler and yourself. You guys have to travel, so just ignore them.

The next thing that you want to do is travel around your schedule. Now that does not mean that you can only travel when your child is napping. That just means that you need to make sure that your schedule works with when you're traveling. So if you're traveling in the morning, make sure that your child or your toddler has had a good night's sleep because nobody likes to deal with a cranky child in the airport, and if you're traveling in the afternoon, make sure that you have some cozy things for your child so maybe they can take their afternoon nap while they're on the plane.

Another thing, and one issue that a lot of us have, even as adults, is our ears, and the uncomfortable pressure that we feel in our ears from traveling. So there's a couple things that you can do for that. Since gum, obviously, is not recommended for toddlers, we want to use sippy cups. You can use their milk, juice or water. Provide it to them in a sippy cup and give that to them when they get on the plane, during take-off and landing, and this will really, really help reduce the pressure in their ears. Now another thing that you can do is actually purchase earplugs. They're available for children from one to ten, and then eleven and up, so it's a smaller earplug, but this is actually made to help reduce the pressure and help aid with the pressure that the kids are feeling in their ears.

Another thing that we want to do is make sure that you come well prepared. It's totally fine, you're allowed to bring the diaper bag on the plane, so stuff it as much as you can with toys, snacks, the juices for your children, just anything to entertain them throughout the flight.

And just most of all, keep your calm. You want to keep your calm throughout the flight for your child. Again, they always work off of your emotions, so if you can remain calm and happy during the flight, your child's more likely to do that as well.

So I hope a couple of these tips have helped you guys out today. If you're watching this blog on YouTube or Facebook, please be sure to check out our video blog on, and we'll see you next week. Thank you.


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