Summer Activities for Children

0:28 - For younger children
1:13 - Nature activities
1:47 - Getting out
2:04 - Vegetable garden
2:50 - Have fun

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Hi, my name is Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays with Harper. The topic for discussion today is summer activities for children. Now at an older age, it's very easy to get our children involved in summer activities, there’s camps that they do sleepovers at, there’s day camps, the most popular probably mean that involved with nature, or the specifics sport that they’re into at that time. But for younger children it can be more difficult to find summer activities for them.

I would suggest that if you have an elementary or preschool aged child, you do first check out your, the school, your local library and also local YMCA to see if they have any suggestions, they may even have a summer camp book that can offer different ideas for the specific age group that your child is in. Now if your child is at a very young age, and you are choosing to either hire a caregiver or nanny or stay home yourself with your child, there are several activities that you can do to make sure that your child is still involved in an educational, yet fun atmosphere over the summer months when it's nice outside, and we want to really be getting out and involving ourselves with the outside.

As I said before nature camps are very popular with older children. We can involve our younger children as well in different aspects of nature, one of my favorite being bag collecting during the summer. My daughter absolutely loves to start maybe an art farm or doing growing butterflies, they actually have kits available, so you can see how all of this progresses, how ants build their homes, how butterflies create the cocoons and turn into these beautiful butterflies. All of it is a learning experience and a very visual one for small children.

Another thing would be getting out and just doing different activities, whether it be going to the beach and collecting sea shells, having a fire in the fire pit outside, a canoe ride, anything with you and your child involved is something that they are really going to absolutely love and appreciate. Now another fun activity that I like to do is to start a summer vegetable garden. It doesn't have to be anything big, normally I'll do a couple of vegetables, and maybe a small herb garden as well, and this is a really great hands-on, a continuous activity that I can do with my daughter during the summer, and you can as well with your children.

It helps them learn how things grow, it helps them with responsibility for watering the plants, and checking on the plants, and making sure that the soil is nice and moist for the plants. There is a lot of things that go into even building the garden initially that your child's absolutely going to love, and just really want to enjoy during the summer. And then they get to reap the benefits of these beautiful-beautiful vegetables that come out of that garden that they created.

So those are a few ideas for summer. There are other things of course such as bike riding, anything physical is a great thing for your children during the summer and you as well, but you just want to make sure to get out there, have fun, try to keep it educational if you can, because this keeps their brains turning and that's what we want, and just have fun with your children during this summer, and make it a time for them to be able to experience the outdoors and experience things with you as a family. Now if you're watching this blog on Facebook or YouTube, please be sure to check out our blog on Bow-Tiger for more videos like this. Thank you.


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