Moving Your Child From Crib to Toddler Bed

0:27 - When we would typically move a child from crib to toddler bed
1:11 - The imaginary boundaries of a toddler bed
1:38 - Never push moving from a kid to a toddler bed on your child
2:28 - Place the toddler bed in the same position and spot of the room
2:54 - A great way to commemorate the experience

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Hi everyone. My name is Harper Jones with Bow Tiger and you are watching Saturdays with Harper. And I want to talk to you guys today about moving your child from crib to toddler bed. Now this is a huge milestone in your child"s life. So, I"m also at the end of this video, just going to mention a way that you can commemorate the experience with your child, family, and friends, and just really try to make it a time to remember in your child"s life.

Okay, so first I want to talk about the age that we would typically move a child from crib to toddler bed. Now there is a wide span in this age, but there are other factors that go into deciding on when your child is ready, so that"s why. The recommended age is anywhere between one-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years old. Now, as little as one-and-a-half due to the fact that a lot of kids are super super active, and by active I mean they climb all over everything. And if they"re climbing all over everything, they"re likely climbing out of a lot of things as well. And one of those things would definitely be their crib. If you have noticed that your baby is trying to climb out and over the crib, or if you"ve had the experience of your child doing this a few times, this is a time to consider moving them to a toddler bed..

Now, when they move to a toddler bed they may have the issue of not understanding the imaginary boundaries, basically, that a bed has, and they may start rolling out of it. They may not be able to keep themselves in it. There is a solution for that. You can definitely get the guard rails that go onto the toddler beds. Toddler beds are already super low to the ground, so it doesn"t pose a risk if they are to fall out of it, besides the fact that it wakes them up at night. So you online casino may wanna try the guard rails to make it a little bit easier on your child.

Now, I do want to mention that you never ever ever want to push moving from a kid to a toddler bed on your child. If you have, kind of, pushed your child to do this at a young age, you may notice things like your child is no longer sleeping soundly at night. Your child has difficulty staying asleep at night, or going to sleep at night. Just different things like that. And if these start to occur after you"ve had a baby that did very well all night long, it"s likely telling you that you need to revert back to the crib for a little bit. And it"s just kind of like potty-training. If you try the potty-training out and it"s not working out, go back to diapers for a bit and try it again in a couple of months. There is no shame in that whatsoever. The best thing that you can do is take these milestones when your child is ready, not when you"re ready.

Okay, so another thing that we can do to make it easier on our child when they move from crib to toddler bed, is place that toddler bed in the same position, the same spot of the room, that the crib was in, because your child"s been used to sleeping in the same area his or her entire life. So let"s make it a little bit easier by putting that bed in the same spot. So, they just feel like they"re in the same area of the room that they always have been when they fell asleep.

Okay, so I did want to mention one way to commemorate the experience and this is by having a toddler bed party. And what you do is just invite your family or friends, whomever you"d like to, maybe some of your child"s friends and have a party where you actually unveil the bed to family and friends. I actually did let my daughter help pick out her bed which made it just a little even more of a special moment between her and I, and for her, as she felt very very proud of her bed, and the unveiling so everybody could see it. You could see the sense of pride that she had about the milestone that she was taking in being able to sleep in her own bed, and just having the big girl bed in her room.
So, definitely try it out when your child is ready. Don"t worry if at one-and-a-half they"re not. You"ve got plenty of time. Keep that baby a baby a little bit longer if you want to.

And of course, I just want to mention, if you"re watching this video on Facebook or YouTube, please be sure to check out our blog on We"ll see you next week. Thanks.


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