Monitoring Devices That Will Keep Your Toddler and Your Family Safer

0:15 - Smoke detectors and fire safety
0:48 - Teach your toddlers about fire safety
1:05 - Teach your child how to dial 911
1:43 - Carbon monoxide monitor

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Hi everybody, Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger and you're watching Saturdays with Harper. We're going to discuss today a couple of monitoring devices that you can install in your home to keep your toddler and also your family safer.

Now the first one I wanted to talk about is probably a super popular one, and hopefully you do already have it installed in your home, but this would be smoke detectors. Smoke detectors need to be installed throughout the home, in your every room or outside of every room, to make sure that in the event of a fire the whole house is alerted. They are very simple to install. It doesn't take a lot of instruction. Also, you want to make sure that every six months you do replace the batteries in these smoke detectors just to ensure that they're in working order and that they will alert your family in the event of a fire.

Now with our toddlers we can start to teach them about fire safety very, very young. We can teach them the "stop, drop, and roll" technique, which is typically a lot of fun and kids love to learn it. We can also teach them how to find us and what our route would be in the event we needed to escape the home because of the fire.

Now another thing that you do want to teach your child is how to dial 9-1-1 on the phone and you do want to start instilling in them at a very young age, one or two because they can start to memorize things even at that young age, instill in them what your name is, what your address is, and what your phone number is. Now this won't only help them in an emergency at home. Now in the event that they are out somewhere and they get separated from you, this can help them there as well. So start teaching it to them in song, in game, in play, and eventually they'll actually catch on. When somebody asks them what their name is or what their address is, they're going to be able to tell them. So that's a great plus for them.

Now another thing, another monitoring device that I wanted to talk about is one that's not quite as popular as the smoke alarms but it's just as important, and it's your carbon monoxide monitor. Now carbon monoxide is the silent killer. You don't know it's happening until it's already there. So you want to make sure that you do have a carbon monoxide monitor installed in your home. These actually just plug right into a wall socket. Don't worry if it gets knocked out, there is a very loud, annoying noise that happens to let you know. But in the event that the carbon monoxide level is too high in your home, this will alert you. This will let you know and you can get your kids and your toddlers out.

So those are a few tidbits that we can do within our home, again to keep our kids safe, and if you have any questions, you can of course feel free to contact us on Facebook. Other than that, if you're watching this blog on Facebook or YouTube, please be sure to check out our other blogs on and we'll see you next week, guys. Thanks.


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    thanks for this. I need to get to Home Depot.

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