Interview with Tom Treanor of All Star Baby Proofing Service

Today, we feature New York’s finest baby proofing company – All Star Baby Proofing Service. Owned and operated by Tom Treanor, this in-home child safety, consultation and installation company specializes in stairway gates, cabinet locks, Plexi glass, window bars, furniture and TV straps.

Tom Treanor started his business in 1999. For 10 years, since he started, the business was his "baby". He nurtured it and watched it grow and develop. Everything changed though, when Tom and his wife had their first son. From that point, Tom, not only was the owner but became an actual customer with a need to baby-proof his own home. The parenting experience gave him a better understanding of customer's needs and concerns. Last year, the couple was again blessed with twins. This time, not only did he become a “customer” but he had a whole new level of understanding, times 2, of what their clients want. So what separates their baby proofing business from others? Tom proudly says, that their dependable service provides relaxation time which is quite impossible to achieve if you have very active children.

When asked what has been his greatest achievement in baby proofing, Tom pointed out that surpassing the 5 year mark is a very huge accomplishment already, which not many can achieve. Of course, meeting and working with A list celebrities and one “Rock God”, is one of his highlights. After all, not everyday you get to have the undivided attention of a man that can sell out Madison Square Garden 6 nights in a row. Talk about achievement!

As a parent and a master of baby proofing, Tom advises against video monitor wires next to, or on cribs, as well as age inappropriate toys. They just are not safe. Speaking of safety, this sums up Tom’s goal for this year – to keep kids, his and his clients, from getting hurt. Also, since business is growing, he might get another vehicle and possibly hire another employee.

So how did Tom Treanor got involved with this business? In 1998, a close friend hired a company to baby proof his home. After seeing what that company did and what they charged, Tom then knew he could do a much better job so he went to the library and researched baby proofing. He did not even have a computer then but amazingly, he is the first child proofer to have a website.

We asked Tom to share his best baby-proofing tip and this is what he had to say: “Secure anything furniture that could possibly tip to the wall. If you think it's too heavy, pull all the drawers out at the same time”

We asked Tom what are some other things that we should know about their baby proofing business. He mentioned that when they give an estimate they often finish the job for less. In a nutshell, doing the right thing for their customer is more important than making a profit. They may be in business and have profit margins in place but integrity is still first.

For more information on All Star Baby Proofing Service, you may visit their website at, call them at (212) 396-1995 or (516) 520-4262 or email them at [email protected]


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