Interview with Rick Leviton of Precious Baby Protectors

How are you all doing? I'm sure you are all excited for this week's featured baby proofing expert! Well, wait no more!

Today, we have Rick Leviton from Precious Baby Protectors to give us expert advice on how to make our homes safe for our cutest tots. Let's move on to the details, shall we?
Let's start by telling you what the company is about. Precious Baby Protecters is a licensed and certified in home child safety company in the state of Texas. They have been in the business for 23 years so you're absolutely sure that you're in good hands.

 At the present time, they are expanding outside of Texas to other markets. As what Rick said, "We make homes safe for babies, toddlers, children, special needs, adults, senior citizens and pets."We always want to make sure that we feature extra ordinary experts every week. I can tell you that Rick and his team are. How? Let me further detail the reasons:

  1. They are committed to customers' needs - Service after the sale is just as important as the sale
  2. Length of time servicing the community - 23 years of experience
  3. The only licensed, certified and insured company in their market.
  4. The experience of having their own children. Their competitors do not have children.
  5. They only use commercial grade products, no store bought items. They manufacture or have items manufactured for them that are quality and mostly USA made.

Rick's greatest achievement in his field of work was making their company name a household name. They have grown so much respect over the years from their customers that the referral base has grown. The company has old and repeat clients. In fact, the nurses in the delivery ward located in their city refers to them as a 'needed' service and not an option. They hear all the time, "Make sure it is the company with the baby bottle," (which is Precious Baby Protector's logo). Quite impressive, right?

As promised, here are tips and tricks that Rick recommends to parents:

  1. More parents should attend their preparation speeches. Parents will pick up so much needed safety information and they can go home and implement them.
  2. They would not advice to place the baby monitors in the cribs so as the wires or anything to do with electricity in a crib
  3. Parents are tired after a day's work so they get lazy. They leave bottle caps, coins, pen caps all laying around in reach of a child and might be the cause of choking.
  4. His best baby proofing tip, "This is for all parents. Keep your home neat and clean and pick up anything that falls on the floor or is in reach of a child. Its easy to do, but 95% of people do not do this. It helps when keeping children safe."

Rick foresees that the company will expand the business in 2016 outside of Texas to teach other people to make homes safe. Their biggest goal taking place is building a training house. This will be used to train new child proofers on all aspects of making a home safe. An absolute must, given that they have been the experts for so many years. We're sure new child proofers will definitely learn a lot from Rick. The other use of the building will be for new and potential clients to come see and work their products. Over the years he has learned that people are more inclined to make a purchase if they understand the use of the product. This will give them the ability to use, play with, and decided if this item will work in their home environment. Im sure you'll agree.

Our featured expert got involved in this business originally on a part time basis. He saw a need for a service not yet offered in his city. He decided to do this for about 6 years with 30 hours or more a week. It grew enough for him to jump into it full time. It was a battle and a struggle to grow, but hard work pays off, as Rick described it. This is not something you will start and make thousands of dollars over and over.

Precious Baby Protectors is one of the largest business in the country. They are the only certified company in the state of Texas. Rick's employees are all with him for the long run. The last employee, out of 11 full timers, was hired 11 years ago. The veteran that served the most years with him has been with the company 23 years ago.

 So that is it folks! Im sure you want to inquire about the services they do. Check their contact details below for more information.

See you all next week!

For more information about Precious Baby Protectors, visit,
email them at [email protected]. You can also call 281-438-4670 or visit they Facebook page, You can also follow them at


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