Interview with Lynn Jackson, a Pranakriya Pre-natal Yoga Teacher at Heartsong Yoga

Today we're interviewing Lynn Jackson CMA, centering co-facilitator and teacher of Pranakriya prenatal Yoga at Heartsong Yoga located at 264 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Heartsong is owned and directed by Sheila and Tony Magalhaes. It was established in 1993. Heartsong welcomes everyone who wants to learn about yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy living. Heartsong has 2 practice spaces and over 40 yoga classes a week. Heartsong hosts programs with their staff of skillful and experienced teachers, bringing students together to support one another in their quest for radiant health and well being.

Lynn has been working with midwives and patients for many years now and because of her work and yoga background, she offers an enriching pre-natal yoga program focusing on what is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Lynn absolutely loves power yoga. She even took a 200-hour teacher training of it, but because of her passion for teaching pre-natal care, she's now one of the very few in their area who offers pre-natal yoga.

Pre-natal yoga is all about learning how to totally relax, breath and move during all trimesters of pregnancy. Lynn teaches that postnatal/postpartum relaxation and medication can be the key to successful breastfeeding and also, there is that hope that it can help with postpartum depression. Over the years as working with pregnant women, she has come to understand that their needs are during pregnancy and labor and Yoga can relieve common discomforts if taught properly.

Lynn loves teaching women to listen to and become aware of their bodies and to finish off the interview, she leaves us with this advice:

"We are stronger than we think. Women and society feel that pregnancy should be a time of rest. Not true! Women need to move and be comfortable with their bodies during pregnancy and yoga greatly increases ease of childbirth. Yoga teaches you to go inside your body mindfully, bond with baby, breathing techniques and gentle poses to keep moms flexible. It is a spiritual experience a woman can have with her unborn baby."

To learn more about prenatal yoga and their class schedule you may visit the Heartsong Yoga website at or you may email at [email protected]


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