Interview with Lisa Magaro of Pinch Sitters

Pinch Sitters is a baby-sitting service based out of New York, owned by Lisa Magaro.

In this article, we spoke with Lisa and asked her some questions about her business. We're very excited about this post since we felt that not only would it be beneficial to our blog readers that are based out of New York, but also to give all of our readers some tips on what to look for when they decide to a find baby sitter for their kids!

Pinch Sitters has been providing affordable, experienced and loving childcare to families in and around NYC. The agency is dedicated to ensuring every child’s safety while matching families with talented, responsible, and professional babysitters who are engaging and caring. "We offer temporary, on-call, occasional, short term, or emergency babysitting to homes, offices, or hotels" Lisa told us.

In Lisa's opinion what separates their agency from all of the competition, especially in a big place like New York, is how long they've been in the babysitting game; They've been at it for 25 years! "Our longevity as a successful and well respected agency speaks to our superlative service. Additionally, as a mother of two, and a previous client myself of the agency, I’ve seen firsthand both the parent and the agency side of hiring and working with babysitters..." Which in our opinion, speaks volumes about her experience. Another aspect that impressed us aside from Lisa's personal milestones, is the team that she's gathered over the years! In our opinion, one of the most eye-catching elements on their website would definitely the 'Featured Babysitter' portion where they showcase a babysitter from their roster along with the sitter's background info (we've been wowed by the experience some of their sitters have!) And if you want too look more sitters up from their team, they have and entire 'Sitter Gallery' that you can look through!

"...the agency recognized the need for a service that could consistently deliver intelligent, flexible, and loving sitters who could arrive on short notice and be trusted to care for children of all ages." This is according to their website's 'History' page --and we're very inclined to believe that, considering how much they've grown over the years. It also seems like Lisa's not done with the expansion just yet! When we asked her what her goals for this year were, she answered "We strive to provide quality service to our clients. We are always looking to expand our consumer base in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx."

Since Lisa's been running Pinch Sitters for 25 years and grew it to the business it is now, we became really curious and had to ask her how she got involved in the industry; "I had been working in a family heath care company when the previous owner of Pinch Sitters decided to sell the agency and answered my wish of running my own business." -- we're willing to bet that she doesn't regret that decision one bit!

Before we ended our interview, we had to ask Lisa for a parting tip that she could share with our readers on working with babysitters, regardless of where you're planning on hiring one. She noted that an important thing was "to be truthful about the home, your expectations, and the childrens’ needs. Babysitters aren’t mind readers and I am a firm believer that the more information given, the better prepared everyone will be." We think that's just awesome advice, especially for first time parents that haven't had experience with hiring babysitters yet.

So if you're looking for a good babysitting service in New York, you should definitely check out Pinch Sitters! They serve 4 NYC boroughs: New York City, Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx.

For more information about Pinch Sitters Agency, Inc., visit their website at, call them at 212-260-6005 or email them by clicking here. You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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