Interview with Kisha Edwards-Gandsy of NY City Explorers Pre-Kademy Inc.

NY City Explorers Pre-Kademy, Inc. or Brooklyn Explorers Academy as it is mostly known, is located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York and it is co-founded by Kisha Edwards-Gandsy. Eight years ago, Kisha Edwards-Gandsy and her partner opened a children’s play space and enrichment center. This project proved to be successful that the parents asked them to expand their operation. This expansion led to the founding of the NY City Explorers Pre-Kademy, Inc. The creation of this preschool was solely dedicated for children and that is what's making the atmosphere in the preschool so homey. The institution curriculum and enrichment activities were created by artists and was led by experts, and are focused on promoting the development of curiosity, discovery and exploration..

According to Kisha, their program is all inclusive and offers an extended accommodation for working families, which includes Farm to table meals and snacks, extended hours, family date nights and expert -family communication software. All these inspire key positive experiences not only for their preschoolers but also for the parents and this is what separates their day care from others.

”Change takes time” this is one of Kisha’s mantras. In her point of view as a founder of this great institution, a common mistake parents do in the parent community is failing to exercise adequate patience with their expectations of their child. When ask to explain, she compared raising a child to cultivating a garden. Most often than not, it takes a long time to see, even a minute change, but in no time, without even noticing, out pops a flower blossom! Patience may be hard to acquire but parents should be patient enough when it comes to dealing with their kids. When asked to share her best parenting tip, Kisha firmly said, “Your children are watching your every move. Always remember to lead by example”

On a lighter note, we asked Kisha what are her goals for this year. She explained, that she wanted to introduce "at-home" family projects for their preschoolers. The main focus of this activity is to increase parent engagement. Kisha wants the parents to be more active and involved with their preschoolers’ activities.. More exciting news, Kisha is also planning their first annual family weekend getaway!

Kisha is very proud of her diverse staff, the excellent healthy meals and snacks, and the strong bond with the families. She knows that what make this bond so strong is their unique attitude to treat their families like their own family. As their motto goes: “It takes a village, so we built one.”

For more information on NY City Explorers Pre-Kademy, Inc., you may visit their website at, call and/or fax them at (855) 687-6923 or email them at [email protected]


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