Interview with Jonathan Macy of The Daddy's Life

New month, new topic. Ladies and gentlemen, our spotlight for today's episode belongs to Jonathan Macy, creator and author of "The Daddy's Life" as well as founder of the “Miami Dads Group.”

Jonathan started 'The Daddy's Life' because all the articles he and his wife read while she was pregnant were written by women and it was extremely difficult to find anything of value, if anything at all from the dad's perspective.

Talking about being a dad, we asked Jonathan how he would describe himself as a father. In three words he answered "I show up", then explained how he wants to be there for every milestone and to make sure his son knows he is important to him. He wants him to see his father as a good role model and for him to grow up into a respectful, hardworking man.

So how did fatherhood change him? He now chooses to dance at Zumbini instead of lifting weights at the gym, he goes to work early to be home to read "Go. Dog. Go!"

His greatest achievement? That's when his son copied how he sat with folded legs to play nunnamedext to him. It made him realize that his son does pay attention to everything and likes being with him.

As a father, his biggest challenges are sleep, time, work and patience. His goals for this year (and for the coming
years) on the other hand is to simply stay present for his son.
His best tip is simple - Show up! Jonathan admits he's not a perfect father but he makes every effort to be there for his son, especially at this early age. It does not require anything but time and effort but it goes a long, long way.

To finish the interview, Jonathan gives advice for new dads or dad to be - "One piece of advice I can give is to show up. Aside from that, you will learn as you go. Make sure that you and the mother of your child are on the same page in terms of how you are raising your child. You will be supporting each other rather than fighting each other and that will help tremendously. I am very fortunate that my wife and I share the same views and work very well together raising our son."

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