Interview with Emily Gould of VINCI Academy

VINCI Academy is located in Los Angeles, California, with its Leadership Team consisting of co-owners Matt Massman and Dr. Dan Yang along with this aritcle's interviewee -- Emily Gould, VINCI Academy's Director.

VINCI is a blended learning daycare/pre-k of choice for parents dedicated to helping their children to excel socially and academically. With an emphasis on character building, in a socially interactive atmosphere. They offer a well rounded curriculum that utilizes a Blended Learning Approach consisting of Montessori Methods, Reggio inspired Creative Learning Centers, and developmentally appropriate technology.

In Emily's opinion, their approach allows the academy to maximize the growth and potential of each child by providing individualized attention through the combination of hands-on activities and VINCI digital lessons.
When we asked Emily about her proudest moment educating in VINCI, she gave us the simplest, yet most heart-warming answer we may have ever heard, "My proudest moment educating is when you see the switch flip for kids and they get it. They are so proud of themselves and would shout from the rooftops; 'I can zip my jacket by myself' or 'I can put my shoes on with no help', it is the small details that make educating tiny humans the most rewarding."

When we asked her about the biggest mistakes that she sees parents make and how they should fix them, she stated that she wouldn't say that parents are walking around making mistakes; "I think parents do the best they can with the knowledge they have" was her opinion on it, and that "All parents strive for happy, healthy and kind children."
We then asked about how VINCI Academy's methods appealed to the parents whose children were attending their school, Emily then proceeded to tell us; "The best part of having them in our program is we can partner with them to give them support in the areas they need and celebrate their success right along with them."

VINCI Academy's goal for this year would be to open a program where children, parents, and staff feel part of a community where people come each day to celebrate the small and large successes. Also where families feel safe and comfortable to ask for support as well as share weekend successes!

As inspiring and as optimistic as Emily's answers may be, you could easily say that she's been the academy's director for years! But the truth is, she's only been involved with the academy just a little over a year ago! "I was relocating from my program in San Diego and began looking for a center that i could continue doing what I love at. VINCI Academy came across and I was intrigued by the added level of technology and how it allowed for better and more consistent individual planning for children." She said.
Regardless of Emily's time with VINCI Academy, her previous experiences along with the way she answered our questions just made us intuitively know that her passion was in molding children's talents. Which also shows how much effort VINCI Academy not only invests in their students, but also in finding the right people to guide them.

Before ending the interview with Emily, we had to we asked her to share her BEST parenting tip! Here are her thoughts:
"My best parenting tip would be to trust your gut and trust your child. Children are not yet cognitively able to filter the world, their truth is the raw truth good or bad, as a parent listen to what they are telling you and then trust your own gut to make decisions. You know your child better than anyone else."
-- Wise words indeed from the Director of VINCI Academy herself!

VINCI Academy is a high technology blended learning program consisting of Montessori Method, Reggio Inspired Creative learning, and developmentally appropriate technology, and VINCI educates over 50,000 Children world wide. Operating in China, Canada, and the US.
They are open 5 days a week, from 7am-7pm and will only be closed on major holidays and staff development days. VINCI offers an open door policy for parents of children in the center to stop by anytime.
For more information, visit their website at, call them at (310)-660-7422 , email them at [email protected] or even schedule a visit by clicking here.


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