Interview with Cristina Twigg of Easy Care Sitters

Easy Care Sitters in New York City is a babysitting agency owned and operated by Cristina Twigg. Cristina describes Easy Care Sitters  as an agency that takes the hassle out of finding childcare. With just an email, they’ll set you up with a CPR-certified and background checked sitter who will take care of your children the Easy Care Sitters way. This is great for parents as it's an easy way to find multiple sitters they will absolutely love. How did Cristina fall into this line of work? She actually used to work at a childcare company herself, helping out parents and ensuring they have childcare for their needs, and that responsibility made her feel fulfilled and empowered. She decided to embrace that feeling, and to continue helping in her own way, and that was how Easy Care Sitters, LLC was born.

In Cristina’'s point of view, what separates her agency from other babysitting services is the attention they give to each and every family. She developed a “"mom and pop"” approach which makes them more personable than other services. More so, she runs the service herself, so parents know they are always talking to the owner and not a customer service representative who may not be as dedicated. This allows the family to feel safe and shows them they are truly cared for.

Cristina has had so many proud moments in the five years Easy Care Sitters has been open. From filling a same-day request for a parent who needs to get to work, to receiving positive feedback from parents saying they love every sitter they've met. In fact, everyday she runs Easy Care Sitters makes her proud. But the proudest moment she has had so far, was having 6 sitters booked for a high profile event at the Museum of Natural History. She saw it as a testament to all the hard work they had done in the past 5 years.

When asked about parenting, Cristina believes every family has a different parenting style and she is in no place to judge, but she does have some dreams she'd love to see come true! She thinks it would be great to see more parents being flexible when arranging childcare. She encourages parents to try meeting different sitters occasionally, as opposed to always booking the same one, or cancelling a request if the sitter they wanted is not free. She understands the importance of consistency for a child, but encourages meeting different sitters, as it has a great impact in teaching children how to socialize from a very early age.

Cristina'’s goal is the same every year- to provide families with the expert care at a competitive rate. Like every other business owner, she hopes to grow and have more families to work with. Most of all she always strives to ensure that the family she works with gets the attention they deserve, childcare they can trust and that the children have fun!

As she's the owner of a babysitting agency, she does not feel she's in the position to give any parenting tips, since she focuses more on short-term childcare, but she certainly has babysitting tips! Her favorite one to share is most useful for children aged 3 to 7. According to Cristina, whenever you need to get somewhere important (which can sometimes take time with the little ones) she always turns “getting ready” into a game - a competition almost. She finds children of that age respond well, and want to succeed, so it tends to make the process faster, and the children have fun during it. It’s a win-win for all!

One important thing to note is that Cristina's hiring process is unique, and based 100% on referrals. This means sitters are recommended to her by other sitters, friends, and sometimes parents who use the service. All sitters go through a rigorous hiring process where they meet with her for a long and detailed interview. After that, their references are checked, and she requires that all 3 be childcare specific. Once that’'s complete, the sitter must pass a background check, and then they are required to obtain CPR certification before being allowed to babysit.

Another interesting aspect about Easy Care Sitters is that the sitter’s hourly rate is paid directly by the parent to the sitter. This means parents always know how much the sitter is making, as opposed to wondering how much of a cut the agency is making. The only fee paid to Easy Care Sitters is the booking fee, which varies depending on the notice given.

One thing's for sure, Easy Care Sitters cares about their sitters and takes steps to ensure that they are able to get home safely a babysitting job. For evening bookings, Easy Care Sitters requires that the family pay a cab stipend for bookings that end at 9pm or later. This helps the sitter pay for a cab when heading home late at night.

More importantly, Cristina is extremely proud of Easy Care Sitters and her sitters. It goes without saying that the sitters are what makes Easy Care Sitters and she couldn'’t be happier with the candidates she has representing the agency.

For more information on Easy Care Sitters, you may visit their website at,
call them at (347) 855-5437 or email them at [email protected]


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