Interview with Bryan Ferguson of 8BitDad

A beautiful Wednesday folks! Today, our spotlight belongs to Bryan Ferguson, co-founder of 8BitDad

8BitDad was founded back in 2010 by when Bryan and his friend Zach Rosenberg, both became parents for the first time. Bryan knew Zach way back from highschool and remembered he was hilarious and a great writer to boot. They joined up to start 8BitDad where they share parenthood stories, mostly geared towards fathers who were born in the 1980s.

As a father, Bryan is passionate, creative and busy. He's the type of guy who kisses his kids and acts like a fool at Disneyland. He does his best to guide his children toward their dreams with love and admiration. One thing's for sure, you won't find him checking his phone at the playground!

Fatherhood has made him a more empathetic and patient man. Having children has exponentially restructured his priorities in life and made him hungry to provide for his family. For a working father, doing your best everyday in everything you do is paramount.

When asked what has been his greatest achievement as a father, Bryan shared that he is not exactly sure yet. He suppose the jury is still out on that one but he is definitely proud to have instilled the love of music and Star Wars in both his kids.

As a father, the biggest challenge is discipline. He tends to over correct and he actually scared his kids in the past. The hardest part for a man is realizing his own power. It could be easy for some guys but for him it took a while to realize how intimidating he could really be. The great thing about kids is they’re resilient and forgiving up to a certain age!

When asked what are his goals for this year, he answered and I quote "To be awesome every day for myself and my family. I’m also recording an album that I’m planning on releasing later this year. My band is Last Falling, you should check some of my songs out!"
Before we go, Bryan leaves us with a tip which is a quote by The Beatles, "the love you take is equal to the love you make” and some advice to new dads and/or dads to be - "Take care of yourself first. If you’re not good to yourself you’re no good to anybody."

Check out Bryan Ferguson's blog at or visit their Twitter and Facebook


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