Interview with Bailey Koch of Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc

We are so happy to feature our 1st Spotlight for the year, Bailey Koch, RD, CSP, LD, a Registered/Licensed Dietitian, Board Certified in Pediatric Nutrition and the President of Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc.

Bailey was always interested in nutrition. In high school she took a class from a dietitian and was fascinated by it.  She had always wanted to work with kids in the healthcare field so she made the decision early on that being a pediatric dietitian would be her dream job. And she made it!

Bailey Koch started her career in a large birthing hospital and was assigned on the high risk pre-natal unit and in the NICU. One of the things she did was to ensure these high risk pregnant women were receiving proper nutrition because it was a huge factor in how well the baby did. In the NICU, breastfeeding was always encouraged and played a vital role in all the discussions with parents. They worked very closely with lactation consultants to give mothers the support they needed in order to be successful. The love for children have been an inspiration for Bailey and for the past 10 years, on her private practice, she primarily focused on pediatric gastroenterology. One of the most common subjects she deal with are toddlers with poor weight gain and feeding difficulties.

What separates her from the other Nutritionists in this field? Experience. As said, experience is the best teacher and Bailey has worked her way through the entire process – from prenatal, to preemies, to hospitalized infants and children, to infants and children in outpatient setting plus lactating women, all that and more. She has seen many rare cases and conditions and is very proud to say that she is one of the 30 board certified specialists in pediatrics nutrition in the state of Georgia.

As a Nutritionist, Bailey’s greatest achievement is running a successful private practice that focuses exclusively on the pediatric population and it gives her so much joy and pride to work with colleagues in helping out families.

Parents, naturally want the best for their kids, however, there are really times that parents just give in to their children’s wants in food without knowing this might create a picky eater. Bailey believes in the Division of Responsibility in Feeding (a book by Ellyn Satter) in which a parent is responsible to decide what to feed, when to feed and where to feed. On the other hand, it is the child’s responsibility to decide what to eat and how much to eat.

We all know that nutrition affects everything, therefore Bailey truly hopes more people would have easy access to experienced pediatric dietitians, especially parents, to be able to seek guidance whenever they need it.

Aside from being a professional, Bailey is also a mother of a 3 year old and a 5 year old and even she admits that the struggle is real. "As long as you stick to your plan, things will be much easier", advised Bailey.

Bailey also has extensive experience in food allergies and other allergic gastrointestinal disorders which happens to be her favorite areas to work in. Her expertise extends in nutrition care for patients with Prader - Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic condition causing insatiable appetite and early morbid obesity if not managed appropriately.

She offers one on one counseling during which she analyzes current nutrition feeding practices and offer a detailed plan to achieve whatever goals are set. She has patients all over the world as she offer phone consults for those that cannot make it to her office.

To end this interview, Bailey shares with us her best nutritional tips for pregnant/lactating women and for toddlers:

"Pregnant/lactating women- Take your prenatal MVI. Things are hectic with new baby at home so you often forget to take care of yourself.  Keep some quick, nutrient dense snacks and meals available to ensure that you are eating as often as you need to in order to meet your and your babies’ nutrition needs.

Toddler’s- MUST have a schedule!!! Do not allow grazing. You should have a 2-4 hour window between all meals and snacks. Kids should sit at the table for meals, 20-30 minutes. No running around during meal time. Sit with them to eat as they will usually mimic you. Offer a well balanced meal and do not give up if they refuse to eat certain foods. Keep offering when you have that food available. Whatever you do, do NOT go get other options to offer when they refuse certain foods! Always remember the Division of Responsibility." 

For more information on Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc. you please visit their website,  , call them at 404-543-3897 or email them at [email protected]



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