How To 'Toddler Proof' Your Bathrooms

00:16 - Why it is important to 'toddler proof' your bathroom.
00:36 - #1 - Cabinet and drawer locks
01:00 - #2 - Toilet seat and locks
01:27 - #3 - Water heater temperature
01:56 - #4 - Medicine cabinet
02:28 - #5 - Toothpaste
03:00 - #6 - Toothbrushes
03:23 - #7 - Scented candles

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Hi, everyone. You're watching Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger and this is Saturdays' with Harper and we are in my bathroom today. I wanted to discuss with you guys bathroom safety for your toddler. I know that the kitchen and the bathroom at any home when you have a toddler is basically the most dangerous and also, the most stressful to try to toddler proof because there is so much that they can get into. So I'm going to give you a couple of ideas just to make it a little bit easier for yourself and put yourself at ease a bit more just in case your toddler decides to explore your bathroom.

The first thing that I wanted to mention is the easiest thing to do, instead of nit-picking little things, is just to make sure that all of your drawers, all of your cabinets have locks. If your child cannot access the drawers or the cabinets, then you don't have to worry if there's something in there that isn't necessarily something that they should be playing with. You do want to, of course, take the precautions to make sure that you always shut them completely and that your toddler can't access it.

The same goes with the toilet. Although my husband cannot stand the toilet lock, I think it's great. Toilet lids are typically extremely heavy, and we don't want that falling on our child. And we also don't want to allow our child to be playing in the toilet. And, let's face it, to them a toilet is just a big bowl of fun. So just avoid that completely by keeping a lock on it, and you might even have some fun when your guest come over watching them try to unlock the toilet.

Another thing that you want to do is make sure that your heat pump outside for the water is set to 120° or less. Typically, heat pumps are actually around 140 to 150° and if at all they get a hold of hot water turned on the wrong handle, that will be scalding hot and guarantee a burn. So to avoid that situation altogether, lower that temperature to 120° or less and then we don't have any burn incidences in our home.

Okay, so the last thing that I wanted to talk about was all the little bitty things that you may still have out on the counter or around your bathroom. Not everything can go on a cabinet but okay, let's say our toddler gets a hold of something like this. What is this? This is called medicine but what does it look like to a toddler? It looks like candy. We want to make sure that this is not only put away somewhere locked, but it's somehow up high and put away, definitely guaranteed, 110% not accessible to a child. This can be extremely dangerous if they ingest it.

Another thing that they can ingest that we don't normally think about them ingesting would be toothpaste. And this is even a kid's toothpaste. But in reading the very end of this, it does mention that you need to keep it out of reach of children under six years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, you need to get a medical help and attention immediately. Contact poison control.

So that means that this is not something that your child can ingest. And, let's face it, to them blue sparkles just looks like candy as well. So they will try to ingest it if they get a hold of it. Keep it away. Now on the same subject as toothpaste, I do want to mention that you want to avoid keeping your toothbrushes in reach, especially if you don't have that lock on the toilet. If you have your toothbrushes available, your child is likely to maybe chew on them, try them out in the drain and, if the toilet is accessible, they may also try to swish, swish in there. We don't want to do that so keep the toothbrushes out of the way.

The last thing is just on a personal note for me. I really like to keep a candle in my bathroom. I think it's very relaxing. I enjoy the smell. It makes the bathroom smell really, really nice. So let's say we like to have candles out in your bathroom, now it's okay to have candles out in your bathroom while you have a toddler in the home, but just make sure that they are at super high. We don't want our toddler getting a hold of the candle and the wax burning them. We also don't want them throwing something on the candle and potentially starting a fire. So if you do feel that you want to keep the candle in the bathroom, that's okay so long as you have a nice high spot to put it where you can 100% guarantee your toddler can't reach to.

So those are my suggestions and tips for the bathroom. I hope you guys enjoyed it today. Of course, if you're watching this video on Facebook or YouTube, please also be sure to check out our video blog on, and we'll see you guys next week. Thanks, guys.


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