Getting Ready for The First Holiday Season of Your Toddler

0:16 - We all love to decorate for the holiday season, But..
1:09 - Make sure to keep it in a high place
2:10 - We start using our fireplace a lot
2:54 - We also do a lot of visiting during the holiday season

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Hi everyone. My name is Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger, and you are watching Saturdays with Harper. And as we start to go into the holiday season, I thought it might be best to discuss some situations that you might find yourself in with your toddler over the next few months.

Now, I know that we all love to decorate for the holiday season, and before having kids decorating was all about the glitz and glamour. You didn't have to worry about placement of your different decorations, or the type of decorations that you placed out. But now that you have a toddler, you do definitely need to consider these things.

Now, in regards to placement, you just want to make sure that any memorable decorations that you have - maybe it was passed on from your mother, grandmother, anything that it was passed on from the family that you want to make sure that you keep, make sure to keep it in a high place. Now, there's two reasons for this. One: It's for the decoration itself. Obviously you want to keep it, and the easiest way to make sure it doesn't break is to keep out of reach of your toddler. They are completely exploring everything right now and I can guarantee you they are going to want to take a look at that new decoration sitting on the table. So, make sure you keep it out of reach.

Now, another reason is a lot of these older decorations do have a lot of small parts that can be harmful to your child if they were to get it apart, put it in their mouth. We don't want any of that happening, so let's just keep them out of reach and it's best for both of us, right? So, also a lot of decorations, that even now, come with small parts to them, some of them are glass. We don't want to be buying glass decorations, ornaments that are glass, different figurines that you can place on the table, because of course these can break or break off and your child can get a hold of them. So, try to avoid purchasing any glass, ornaments or decorations. Let's try to stick to plastic. Don't buy anything with too much glitter as this can also be ingested.

And then also, if you're decorating a tree, there's a lot of different garments for your tree that you can wrap around the tree. There's lights. We want to be really, really careful to make sure that there's no electrical shorts in the lights, that the lights are all placed very well on the tree so your child can't get them off, we don't want to risk any strangling hazard.

And then another part of your decorating, it's not necessarily decorating actually, is your fireplace. We start using our fireplace a lot during the winter months and during the holiday season, and it's beautiful, and it's great, and it keeps us all warm, and it's super nice and cosy. But you do want to make sure that your child is protected from that fire. Make sure that there is a cover over the fireplace so that there is no embers that can actually come out of the fireplace and spark. And you also want to make sure that you do have a proper safety gate wrapped around the fireplace so your child cannot get in close proximity to the fire, because of course we have the potential of burning hazards and we don't want to get anywhere near that fire. We don't want our toddler anywhere near it either.

Now, another aspect to the holiday season is we do do a lot of visiting. And with visiting, that can bring up the possibility of your child getting sick. So, a couple tid bits when you are doing all the family visiting and all of the traveling. Make sure, one, that you do have your child on a multi vitamin. Multi vitamin, because they do offer vitamin C in your multi vitamins which can protect against colds, which is definitely possible while traveling.

Another thing that you want to do is make sure that you teach your child how to wash their hands, and how to wash their hands properly. They wanna make sure that they use a decent amount of soap, that they are using hot water - warm to hot water, and definitely look over them as they are washing their hands and make sure that they do rub their hands under the water for at least 15 seconds. Now, this will kill any of the bacteria on their hands. If you are one of the families that likes to use the anti-bacterial, you can use that as well and just a couple squirts on the hand. Just to make sure with all the hand shaking, and hugging, and kissing, and everything else that's going on with all the family members for the holiday season that we are making sure that we keep ourselves nice and healthy so we can enjoy it as well with our family.

These were just a couple tid bits and of course will come back next week with more for you. And I'll probably do some more on the holiday as well as this will last the next couple of months. Now, of course you can check out our blog on Facebook or YouTube, and if you are checking out our blog on Facebook or YouTube please also make sure to check out our other blogs on We'll see you next week guys. Thank you.


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