Fun Family Activities For a Rainy Saturday

0:26 - There's actually a lot of things that you can do
0:48 - The three things that I like to include in a rainy Saturday
1:00 - Art
3:00 - Music
3:48 - Physical activity

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Hi, everybody. Harper Jones with Bow-Tiger and you're watching Saturdays with Harper. It is a wet, dreary and cold, cold Saturday at my house. Today, I'm going to find a lot of things to do with my toddler inside. We're likely going be inside all day from the looks of it. I'm going to have to fill up our day with different activities to keep her entertained.

I know that this can seem as just a huge feat because it is a lot of time stuck inside in your house with your toddler, but there's actually a lot of things that you can do to keep them entertained that are also pretty entertaining for us as well, brings out a kid in us. I do want to say that, of course, you want to make sure that all of your activities are one, fun, two, safe and this will guarantee a great rainy Saturday.

There's three things that I'd like to include in my rainy Saturday and that's art, music and also physical activity. Although we're not outside, there's lots of things that we can do for physical activity. For art, I actually like to do projects with my toddler. I find that it takes more time. It's not like, "Sit down, draw a picture. Okay, great, we're done," and it took us all of three minutes.

I like to sit down and really create something with my toddler and make it a big project, so it takes us a little bit longer and can use up some of our time in the day. The first thing I'd recommend when you're doing any art project is cover your area very well. Toddlers like to be messy. We do want to make sure we cover our area most preferably with a plastic mat. If you're using a table, just put a plastic mat over it, a picnic mat that you can take out or something that you'd use at a small banquet or anything like that is fine.

I use the same one over and over again. Just fold it up and put it in the cupboard and take it back out for the next project. Make sure you cover your area and also make sure that any of the material you're using is non-toxic and safe for your toddler.

It's not always very, very apparent on the bottle of paint that you're using or if you're using oil pastels or something like that or if you're trying to incorporate that. It's not always super apparent it that's safe for a toddler to use. Please make sure to read the labels very thoroughly before actually giving them to your toddler to use. I like to, as I said, do a project on a rainy day.

One of my daughter's favorite things is to create a mural, a great big piece of paper that I lay out and create a mural of a sunny day, everything she sees on a sunny day because it's so rainy outside. That boosts our spirits a little bit and gets a little bit of the sun inside our home, and she has a lot of fun doing it. As a toddler, you'd be amazed at the things that they can draw, paint, come up with just in their own little way.

These murals look absolutely amazing. Of course, we do hang them either in our living room or in her room if she wants to put them in there afterwards. Just kind of as, "Wow, look what you did. This was amazing and this is how you used your time." She feels very, very proud of her artwork.

As far as music is concerned, we play music all day long. Most of the time we're always playing music in my house anyways. It's a great thing for kids. It does help with their memory. We do play music all day long anyways. On a rainy day especially we play very upbeat music, happy music. My kids love it. You can also do things like musical chairs. Musical Chairs is not just for a kid's birthday party. We do family musical chairs all the time. It's a lot of fun.

It's one thing that your toddler can definitely catch on to and play quickly. All it is is music stopping, going and get to the chair. It's easy direction and it's something that's easy for them to do. Of course, don't trap over anybody, don't trample over anybody, don't step on anybody. Use your manners and make sure that your toddler is using theirs as well. It is a really fun game to play and it's a little bit of physical activity.

In addition to that, for physical activity, we do a lot of physical activity where we'll just clear out the living room, make a big space, get the coffee table out of the way and we all do family exercises. There are so many family exercise videos available on YouTube. It's amazing. Your toddler will have a lot of fun. The music goes along to different things that they'd like. All of the physical activity are things that they can do as well, and it keeps you entertained. It keeps the whole family laughing, too. It also takes up a good bit of our day.

Of course, after all of this activity, what does your toddler need and want to do? Well, maybe they don't want to but they definitely need to is take a nap. After all of these activities, you and your toddler get to take a nap on a rainy Saturday.

Of course, this video is available on Facebook or YouTube. But if you are watching it there, please also be sure to check our blog on We'll be back next week with an additional video. If you do have any comments or ideas on things to do for a rainy day, please be sure to leave those comments on our Facebook page. I'd love to read them, and I'm sure that our community would like to read them as well.


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