Free Toddler Fun at Your Door Step

0:08 - With the holidays upon us, we’re getting a lot more packages
0:42 - Fake credit cards and car keys
1:34 - Chocolates and candies
2:11 - The big packages that come to the door
3:30 - Take advantage of the free fun with your child. Just do it safely, and everybody will have a great holiday season

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Hi everyone. Harper Jones with Bow Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays With Harper. Now I have noticed that with the holidays upon us, I have been receiving a lot more packages at my doorstep, and a lot more mail in my mailbox. And this is really free fun for my daughter, she absolutely loves playing with the different pieces of mail that come, and then the different packaging that comes as well for things that I've ordered. So I thought it might be a good idea to discuss the different pieces that are okay for your toddler to be playing with, and then the other pieces that you may want to avoid or exclude from your toddler during their imaginary fun with all these different things that keep coming in the mail.

So we'll start with the mailbox and the different things that I've noticed coming through the mail, and kind of how to exclude or include the different items. Now you probably will get a lot of things offering you credit cards right now, so you'll get a lot of the little fake credit cards that come on a piece of paper. These can be a lot of fun. My daughter likes to play grocery store, and we use these fake credit cards to swipe for our groceries. Then also I've noticed a lot of things for, "This could be your new car." You get a little statement, and you get a little key on that statement. Now, although that seems like it could be a fun toy for them to play with, one it is kind of small, and two we don't know how well-made that fake key is. So I wouldn't let your toddler play with it, just because it could cause, or pose, a potential choking hazard, and of course we want to avoid that.

Now other things that come in the mail, and one of my favorites, is chocolate and candy. A lot of co-workers, a lot of family, they're now sending food items, most specifically candy, and I absolutely love getting them. I have no food allergies, so I can eat whatever comes in the mail. But you do want to make sure that the candy or food that's coming in the mail is not something that your child is allergic to, if they have any allergies. And also make sure that it's something that they can eat. Don't provide them with a whole piece of candy if it's too big, again it's a potential choking hazard, and we want to avoid that during the holiday season, and all seasons.

Okay so another thing, and this would definitely would be my daughter's favorite, would be the big packages that come to the door. While I'm ordering things for Christmas, and I'm picking different things out for my family, a lot of this is done on-line. So I'm getting great big boxes at my home, and my daughter loves to play with these boxes. And you know what, that's totally fine. The cardboard boxes are an excellent free toy and activity for your child. It's great for their imagination, she can imagine herself into a rocket ship, or race car, or whatever she wants to. And I do allow her to explore with coloring, and painting these boxes, and cutting the boxes up, with supervision, just to create whatever she wants to create.

But do make sure that while you're allowing them to use these big cardboard boxes, that you do remove any of the material, the packing material that was included with them. Most specifically, and most typically, you'll have the bubble tape, or you'll also have the plastic wrap, that's kind of wrapped around your items inside. Make sure to remove these, because these can cause suffocation. Although the bubble tape or wrap is a lot of fun to play with, and I do let my daughter play with it, under supervision again. You do want to make sure they are never left alone with these items, as they could decide to wrap themselves in it, and that obviously could pose a very dangerous situation.

So those are just a couple of things that I wanted to share with you guys, and I'm sure you guys are going to be getting packages at your home. And take advantage of the free fun with your child, and just do it safely, and everybody will have a great holiday season. Now of course if you're watching this video on Facebook or YouTube please check out our videos on, and we'll see you next week with some more tips and tid-bits for your toddler. Thanks Guys.


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