Educational Toys

0:16 - The three types of educational toys
1:04 - Sensory toys
1:38 - Toys that facilitate physical activity
2:18 - The ability to create toys

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Hi everybody. My name is Harper Jones with Bow Tiger, and you're watching Saturdays with Harper. I wanted to talk to you guys today about one of Bow Tiger's favorite subjects, and probably one of your kids' favorite subjects as well. Today we are going to talk about toys. Yay! Now I'm not talking about the toys that come in the pretty little packaging. That's basically what you pay for because by the time you get it out, the toy itself is actually just a piece of junk. What I wanted to talk to you guys about were educational toys. I want to hit on three points, and three types of toys. I want to talk about toys that work with your sensories. I want to talk about toys for physical activity, and I want to talk about toys that give your kids the ability to create.

Now there's one main reason why we want toys that do these three things, and the main reason is brain development. If we want smart, successful children as adults, then as children we need to actually facilitate these rich learning experiences for them, so they can carry them on to later years. Now sensory toys are toys that our children will typically use when they're much younger. It involves seeing, smelling different things, touching different things. There's actually a lot of different toys you can use for this. Whether it's on their car seat when they're super young, different things that they can see and feel. There's also a lot of books that are available, where you can read the story to your child, while at the same time let them be involved. Let them flip up pages. Let them feel the different animals, but let them use their sensories, because this will aid in their brain development.

Now the next thing that I was talking about were the toys that facilitate physical activity. We want active children. Active children are proven to do better in school. They're less likely to become obese when they are older. We want to really instill in this in them when they're younger, so that our children can live active, successful lives when they're older. So find toys that force them to be active, basically, but in a very fun manner. Whether it's pushing, pulling, riding on a bicycle. There's a lot of toys out there that facilitate this for children, and they're not even gonna know they're getting all of this awesome, awesome exercise from these toys, and all of this great energy as well.

Now the last point I wanted to touch on was the ability to create. The ability to create will allow your child to really discover who they are, and even at a young age we can help them do this. The ability to create can be done through painting, drawing, and even as a young child finger painting. Anything like this is really really helpful to children. It helps them understand different colors, mixing of colors. It does help their brain develop, as well. But it also allows them to create something very very personal, and something all their own. And we want our children to be able to do this, because we want them to grow up to be who they want to be. Not who anybody else wants them to be, right? Okay, so definitely take this into consideration when you guys are looking at different toys for your kids. If you're watching this video on Facebook or YouTube, please be sure to check us out on our blog at and we will see you next week. Thanks.


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